Brewing Compost Tea

Our activated liquid compost extract includes five beneficial microbes:
  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • protozoa
  • nematodes
  • microarthropods

Here’s how we make it:

Humic acid is used to prepare the brewer. It removes chloramine and chlorine to accommodate our living microbe community. A vermicompost consortium (worm compost) + humates (decayed organic matter) make up the extract aggregate which soaks in a large screen-sock inside our tea brewer.
The microbes lie dormant until aerated with oxygen plus fungal foods and fish hydrolysate. The extract then becomes activated and populations feed and multiply- doubling in population every 18 minutes.

Microbes are removed from the aggregate via air-agitation in the water and pass through the holes in the sock into our truck’s spray tank. The truck keeps the extract activated and microbes are continually fed more oxygen right until it leaves our application hose and into your soil.

We’re delivering a whole living, biological community that will continue to grow in your soil, enriching plants as long as the conditions do not become unlivable (high salt chemical fertlizer, too much water, etc.).

upc-admin-usherBrewing Compost Tea