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There’s a new tick disease spreading throughout the northeastern states, and if it follows the path of Lyme disease, it may become prominent everywhere before long. It can’t be detected by a Lyme’s test but can be more devastating if left untreated.

Borrelia miyamotoi wasn’t even known before 2013, but the number of devastating infections borne by ticks seems to have no end. BMD for short, it is most frequently contracted in late summer, when Lyme disease isn’t as prevalent. That’s because BMD is carried by larval-stage ticks that have been infected by their mothers. Lyme is contracted by ticks at a later stage in life, often from contact with rodents and deer.

Larval-stage ticks were not previously thought to carry diseases. Stepping through an unassuming tick nest my leave you covered by hundreds of tick larvae in minutes. I unfortunately learned this first hand recently on a walk with my wife.

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