Arborvitae leafminer needle tip die-back

Arborvitae Leafminer Adults Take Wing


Leafminer needle damage.

Needles will continue to die as leafminer feed.

Arborvitae Leafminer creates needle tip dieback in Arborvitae, Cedar, Juniper, and other evergreens and fighting them organically means timing it right. Their larvae destroy needles from the inside out, feeding on them until they emerge as adults. Plants need those needles to collect energy and in many cases, provide privacy for your home.

Right now for a short window adults are “on the wing”, they can be spotted flying around affected plants. They appear as “small white moths” and this is the time they are most vulnerable to organic treatment.

Have your plants taken a bad beating? Do you see the leafminer signature tip damage? If your plants are significantly weakened by leafminer, you may also consider replenishing some of it’s lost resources with our Organic Compost Tea. This treatment adds life to the soil, the source of your plant’s life energy.

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upc-admin-usherArborvitae Leafminer Adults Take Wing