Beat the Weeds: the Organic Plan

The ideal time-window for planting grass seed is coming to a close over the next 4 weeks. Renovate TODAY!

Weeds and crabgrass germinate in the spring. They take root in bare soil, the spots in your lawn where healthy grass isn’t growing. The only way to beat these invasive scabs is to seed new, strong grass now.

Time is running out to reclaim your lawn, using nature’s perfect plan. The aim is to have a flush of new grass growing in any bare spots before the first freeze – expected mid-late October.

Patchy grass and bare spots invite weeds and are an indication of poor soil conditions. Moisture levels, compaction and exposure to harsh synthetic chemicals are some of the factors that contribute to lifeless soil.

Our organic lawn renovation program
naturally restores life to the soil
through core aeration and slice seeding.

The introduction of organic practices like proper watering, diversification, and substituting compost tea for synthetic fertilizers will also help reduce lawn disease, insect damage, and other pressures to improve the overall condition of your lawn.
Read more about our organic compost tea and the soil food web. 

Only a few weeks left til winter. Plant organic NOW to avoid using last-minute chemical solutions in the spring. Synthetic fertilizers and weed killers destroy micro organisms in the soil, the source of life in your lawn. Act today.

Read more about the benefits of core aeration and seeding.

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