Ticks on Grasses

Ticks are Trouble!

Lyme Diseas has INCREASED by 900% in the U.S. According to 2013 CDC reports Ticks can hatch 2000-3000 EGGS EACH if they ar not killed BEFORE MARCH Ticks are ACTIVE THROUGH NOVEMBER and during warm spells ALL WINTER What can I do? Check yourself, your family, and your pets for ticks after spending time outdoors in above 40° weather. Learn …

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Port Jefferson Green Festival 2014

Join us Saturday, June 14th to celebrate our community of fun and informative ways of having a “GREEN” lifestyle. Learn the latest ‘green’ solutions with our eco-friendly vendors, informative speakers, fun activities for kids, live music and so much more! Find out what the “more” is here.

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Sawfly on Mugho Pines

Sawfly Larvae are currently feeding in “armies” on Pines (generally 2 and 3 needle pines. Most commonly Mugho Pines. The best timing for our organic treatment is now, as they feed very fast and commonly de-foliate branches and often entire plants. They are sometimes hard to see as they are camouflaged to look like the needles… tapping a branch will …

upc-admin-usherSawfly on Mugho Pines
Boxwood Leafminer Adult

Boxwood Leafminer Emerge

Boxwood leafminers, which have been devastating many boxwoods in their larval form, are emerging as adults now…. They will be seen flying around boxwoods, very busy. Looking like gnats, and flying into the house if you leave windows open. Don’t worry, they won’t bite…but they are annoying. More importantly, they do serious damage to Boxwood’s and annually increase in populations. NOW, …

upc-admin-usherBoxwood Leafminer Emerge