Cedar Oil: Organic Tick Control

Cedar oil is derived from the foliage of various types of conifers. It has many uses in medicine, art, industry, and perfumery, and has bactericidal and pesticidal effects.

Ticks have been a concern for Long Islanders for a long time. For years, most tick control pesticide applicators used toxic chemicals to kill ticks. Unfortunately, those chemicals also killed off many beneficial insects and left poisonous traces on the lawns where our pets and children play.

To avoid this, many natural and organic remedies have been developed. These treatments are often much friendlier to the environment but their effectiveness can be spotty. After testing many products over many years, Usher Plant Care has found the most effective, pet friendly, kid-safe organic tick control solution is Cedar Oil.

    Cedar Oil.

  •  is an essential oil
  • is disorienting to insects and ticks- it disables their mental faculties and exhausts their physical bodies while dehydrating the exoskeleton.
  • minimizes other non-beneficial insect populations like mosquitos, fleas, mites, chinch bugs, grubs, and beetles.
  • has no effect on beneficial pollinator insects such as butterflies or bees. While it will not kill lizards, it will also help deter snakes.
  • Cedar oil even smells real nice, thanks nature!

Our Organic Tick Treatment.
Usher Plant Care provides a protective border cedar oil spray at your home- around all tick habitats like shrub beds, porches, wood piles, and kid & pet play areas in woods.

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