Earth Day: What Do Your Plants Do For You?

It’s Earth Day, the day we celebrate our beautiful environment and remember to protect it.

At Usher Plant Care, protecting plants, trees, lawns, and our pets & families in an environmentally conscious, organically-minded way is exactly what we do every day. We’re thankful for our plants, they provide us with much of what we need.

1. food-
Plants provide us and the animals we eat with the food we need. At the source of every ecosystem’s food chain, there is a plant converting sunlight into food.

2. oxygen-
Every living thing on earth takes in oxygen to survive. While plants are busy converting sunlight into food, oxygen gas is created as a byproduct. They’re feed us and providing breathable air at the same time!

3. soil-
The soil we need to grow crops and gardens is made, enriched, and held together by decomposing plants. Even as plants die, they are providing a way for new plants, leaving them with fertile soil and organically preserving the good stuff that’s already there.

4. other necessary products-
Much of the resources we as human use and depend on daily come from plants. Foods, fibers for clothing and medicines all come from plants. Apart from plants providing these resources there is great poverty- starvation and bad health.

5. animal habitat-
Animals live in, on and under all types of plants. Billions of species of insects and animals live and rely on plants for their shelter, protection and food source. Without plants the entire animal food chain of every ecosystem would look drastically different, if not cease to exist.

6. natural beauty-
Look at the beautiful colors and forms in the plants around you, look how they dance in the wind. These are nature’s art installations, let them calm you and inspire you and amaze you!

We love plants, we love caring for them. They are essential to life on earth and on this Earth Day, we are happy to call ourselves stewards of the planet.

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