Summer Safety Savings: Organic Tick Control – Long Island

Don’t let the threat of ticks and mosquitos keep you indoors,
use our organic solution!
Year-round we offer a comprehensive tick control program that even addresses their main carriers: deer and mice. Our essential oil border-spray creates a bug-barrier around your home & yard. Fleas and mosquitos are also controlled with this application however beneficial insects are left unharmed.
Right now we’re offering it at a special price. Check the pricing table below. 
  • Prevent 2,000-3,000 baby tick eggs from hatching in March for each mature female tick killed now
  • Protect your family and nature by using targeted, powerful and effective organic control not toxic chemicals
  • Dramatically decrease tick populations through consistent treatment which kills and repel ticks

Consistent treatment is the most effective way to decrease tick & mosquito populations. Take back the summer!

natural flea and tick control Long Island NY

offer available to new customers and existing customers who wish to add onto existing programs.

only good through 2016
upc-admin-usherSummer Safety Savings: Organic Tick Control – Long Island