Green & Clean Snow Removal

Last winter, Long Island experienced an amount of snowfall of about 300% compared to our historical average amount. After experiencing a some rare below-zero days, we had the second largest snow dump a February has ever seen. I probably don’t have to remind you! Unfortunately, prophets of the dark weather gods are warning us to expect more of the same for the upcoming season. Before we all gird our loins for hours of car-thawing and walkway slipping, are you interested in an alternative to trekking damaging sand and salt into your house this winter?

Usher Plant Care is now offering a unique superior Green and Clean snow and ice melt alternative to messy and harmful sanding and salting applications to managing icy driveways and slippery walkways this winter.

We are offering two new services:

  1. Season long innovative Green & Clean Ice/Snow melt program
  2. Snow removal with light duty snow blowers and shovels (minimizing potential damage with heavy plows and trucks)


*Service ONLY available to our customers in Stony Brook, Setauket, and Port Jefferson

*Limited to 100 pre-approved sites currently

*Easy balanced billing payment plan


Here is the skinny…

….our new innovative technique for dealing with dangerous and difficult ice is with our clear, odorless and environmentally sound product. This liquid product stands above common salt/sand methods:






No tracking mess into house


No stains on drive, walkway, shoes or floors


No messy clean up after snow melts


Non corrosive to driveways or vehicles


Not harmful to pets (paws, ingestion…)


Effective to 25 degrees below zero


Creates season long “Teflon-like” coating on surfaces


Harmless to plants, grass and soil


Applied prior to snow/ice event


Clear and odor free


No risk of product shortages



“It’s like Teflon for driveways and walkways in the winter!

Lets you clean right to the surface every time!”


If you are interested in de-icing and snow removal pricing and information please contact us.

Have more questions about our new winter programs? Visit the FAQ page.

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