Green & Clean Snow Removal Product- Long Island

Tired of trekking damaging sand and salt into your house every winter? Usher Plant Care is now offering a unique superior Green and Clean snow and ice melt alternative to messy and harmful sanding and salting applications to managing icy slippery driveways and walkways this winter. This product is odorless and clean. It contains the highest amount and most pure calcium chloride available in the US because it is manufactured and not mined. Mined products tend to stain and have a bad odor often like cat urine. It’s also far more cost effective than other melt products.

Our Product vs. Traditional Practices





No tracking mess into house


No stains on drive, walkway, shoes or floors


No messy clean up after snow melts


Non corrosive to driveways or vehicles


Not harmful to pets (paws, ingestion…)


Effective to 25 degrees below zero


Creates season long “Teflon-like” coating on surfaces


Harmless to plants, grass and soil


Applied prior to snow/ice event


Clear and odor free


No risk of product shortages


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Green and Clean right for me?

  • Applying LSS before the storm will eliminate the need for salting
  • Active immediately and works to -25°F
  • More cost effective than any granular product
  • Green and Clean is 70% less corrosive than rock salt
  • Residual effects to aid in future additional snowfall
  • Bare ground every time you plow or shovel
  • Now you can have a known salting budget for the year
  • Cannot be displaced by shovels or plows giving you longer melting ability
  • No product shortages

What is Green and Clean?

Green and Clean is a formulated blend of calcium chloride and a proprietary stabilizer that is used to help keep sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways free from the adverse effects of ice from -25°F.

Green and Clean is a “stand-alone” alternative to rock salt with much less harmful effects on the environment.

Is this a completely new concept?

No, the use of calcium chloride for clearing sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways has been around since the 1970’s.

This is common practice in areas where temperatures are too cold to be able to use rock salt such as certain parts of Canada and Europe.

What’s wrong with good ole’ rock salt?

Historically, rock salt has been relatively cheap and abundant, so for the use of removing ice, it was relatively cost effective. However, with increased global demand for salt, the price of salt has increased three-fold over the last decade.

Currently, as you may have heard, there is an ever increasing shortage of rock salt, and distributors of it are not making commitments to have a supply of it. This is causing many municipalities, contractors, and property owners to be left without or paying high prices that have been described as “gouged” rates.

Rock salt is only effective to 20°F, making it unsuitable for many of the winter days that we see right here on Long Island.

Rock salt is also easily displaced due to car tires, being shoveled away, or being plowed away. The result is having to use more product than is necessary to get the desired result.

Displaced rock salt usually ends up in areas of vegetation such as lawns or flower gardens, causing burned vegetation and over long periods of time, contamination.

Rock Salt is not pet friendly. The salt itself can become stuck in the paws of animals which can cause discomfort and burns. Also, animals may eat the rock salt thinking it is food, and become sick.

So, by using this product, I can put away the plow, snow blower, and the shovel?

No, although the product applied before a storm can melt the first couple inches of snow, we in no way imply that our product will remove all your snow. Normal plowing and snow removal is still necessary.

I’ve heard of/used a product like this before and it didn’t work.

In the past, there have been many products that have come out on the market such as beat juice, mineral well brine, and oil well brine and de-sugarized molasses to name a few. These products, although relatively cheap, are considered “dirty” products. They come unrefined which will stain concrete and are inconsistent in their percentages of active ingredients causing variances in performance results. Green and Clean is a “clean” product meaning that it is colorless, odorless, leaves no white tracking residue, not harmful to pets or humans, refined, and has consistent active ingredient percentages.

Is Green and Clean used for de-icing or anti-icing?

Green and Clean is both. However, we have found that it works best for anti-icing. The reason is due to the fact that it takes more energy to break a bond (deicing) than to prevent a bond from forming (anti-icing), meaning it will take more product to break down ice than prevent it. Traditionally, salting occurs after the storm and plowing. By using G&C as an anti-icier, you apply the product either weekly or before the storm, and it creates a melting barrier between the pavement and snow. This barrier prevents a bond from occurring so even hard packed down snow plows or shovels off easy. Bare pavement every time you plow or shovel.


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