Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Outbreak

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Tsuga canadensis, commonly known as eastern hemlock, can be found in many Long Island landscapes. It’s a generally hearty evergreen, providing privacy all year round. Unfortunately, just as common is a destructive, invasive pest called hemlock woolly adelgid that can kill the tree in as little as 4 years. Nature has a way of balancing things on its own but wooly adelgid blew up to Long Island from Asia in hurricane Gloria of 1983. It arrived in a storm with no natural predators and immediately began devastating large numbers of hemlock and we’ve been fighting it ever since. And we fight it organically.

A healthy tree will fight for itself but with no natural predator to woolly adelgid, hemlock often need our assistance in the battle. Our remedy is a horticultural mineral oil. Adelgid is only susceptible to our treatment during three specific times a year when it releases it’s crawlers – once in spring, summer, & fall. You may have already noticed by the puffy white residue and blackened branches that this year, Long Island is experiencing a particularly bad outbreak. Our long-term goal is to harbor healthy, organic soil but to first knock back these stress-inducing pests, the time to spray is right now – late July/early August with a follow-up in the fall.

Hemlock woolly adelgid travels on the wind and on wild animals so don’t let it spread, inspect your hemlock- or better yet let us! Contact us at http://usherplantcare.com to set up a free consultation with a certified arborist.

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