Keep Our Water Clean.

In Suffolk County we rely on our groundwater, a sole source aquifer, to provide all of our drinking water. Anything we do on the land impacts the quality and quanity of our groundwater, especially the way in which we care for our lawns.

Most lawn-care chemicals have the potential to contaminate underlying groundwater based on their physical and chemical characteristics. Studies of major rivers and streams have documented that 100% of all surface water samples contained one or more pesticides at detectable levels.

Pesticides-especially herbicides-have contaminated drinking water throughout the country. Removing pesticides from contaminated water supplies is difficult, expensive, and not always successful. A California study found that among 600 water suppliers that have detected pesticides in their water sources, only 40 use treatment facilities that effectively reduce concentrations of pesticides.

Homeowners may unknowingly contaminate their own well water by using pesticides on their lawns.

Please help keep our groundwater clean by implementing healthy, environmentally friendly lawn and landscape practices in your yard.

    Organic Lawn Care starts with these 5 easy steps:

  1. build & maintain healthy soil (compost tea)
  2. plant right for your site (plant native)
  3. practice smart watering
  4. adopt a holistic approach to pest management
  5. practice organic lawn care
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