ticks and poison ivy in grass

Labor Day Backyard BBQ Pests

If you’re like me, you plan to spend some quality time with friends and family in the backyard this Labor Day weekend. If your backyard is anything like mine, it has some spots of poison ivy and potential tick and mosquito habitat. If you’re like me you may also find it silly to “protect” your family and pets from these pests by spraying harmful chemicals. That’s why Usher Plant Care offers safe, organic herbicide treatment for poison ivy and organic cedar oil spray for tick, flea and mosquito. I use it in my own backyard! Learn about our poison ivy treatment and party spray at http://usherplantcare.com/organic-tick-poison-ivy/. These treatments keep invasive nuisance insects away so you can focus on firing up the barbecue and cranking up the music. If you’re like me then that music playlist has plenty of 70’s dance tunes.

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