Long Island’s Harmful Toxic Chemical Pesticide Use

Between Suffolk, Nassau, and the five boroughs, we have more pesticide applied every year than the rest of the Empire state.

A 2002 DEC/Suffolk county department of health study disturbingly reports that
fifty one percent of private wells are
contaminated with pesticides or pesticide related chemicals.
Storm water runoff also sends pesticide laced fresh water into the estuaries and bays around Long Island.

our organic promise – no harmful chemical pesticide use

Unfortunately, commercial and residential pesticide use is growing as suburban homes are “treated” with a concentrated chemical arsenal meant to eradicate pests or unsightly weeds. These chemicals vary in their toxicity, but commonly used insecticides are toxic to fish, birds, earthworms and bees, and are responsible for the majority of wildlife poisonings.

Most pesticides will last in your yard and on vegetables for at least several weeks after application, some for years. Our children are especially sensitive to these toxic chemicals.

Though they do break down over time, chemicals will accumulate in streams and estuaries, adding up to a toxic load for suburban watersheds.

These chemicals will be causing harm for years to come,
let’s eliminate them now, for the safety of the future our environment.

We often meet new customers who have been conditioned to believe they need multiple chemical applications on their trees and lawns…when in fact what they really need is less applications and no chemicals and a little bit of life added to their soils.

Instead, check out our safer organic alternatives to harmful pesticide use!

For more info on chemical pesticide alternatives: http://www.pesticide.org/factsheets.html http://www.longislandnn.org.NY

To get involved in working to reduce pesticides or any other campaign, contact the Long Island Sierra Club http://newyork.sierraclub.org/longisland

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