Bagworms feeding

Organic Bagworm Treatment

Bagworm is an invasive species – a moth larvae that feeds mainly on arborvitae and juniper although they can be found on many other evergreens during periods of high infestation. You may have seen them in your backyard. They look like wiggling green/brown pinecones, each with one big, active worm inside. Since many Long Island homes plant arborvitae as a hedge for privacy, bagworm presents a problem as it strips foliage to feed and build it’s casing. The resulting stress kills its host if left untreated as its only natural enemy is birds and a few very outnumbered parasitic species.

The most effective organic solution is to hand-remove each pouch and burn them to prevent egg masses from hatching. You can do this yourself with a ladder and a keen eye. If the problem seems to be spreading beyond control, we can provide an organic, biological control treatment. The time to spray is right now, while the bagworms are actively feeding. Bagworms should be under control after two sprays during the summer. During years with a more common seasonal temperature, we recommend starting treatment in June. If your plants have sustained a considerable amount of damage then we can recommend our compost tea fertilization program to help replenish necessary resources.

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