Organic Pest Control & Poison Ivy Removal Services in Long Island

Ticks on Grasses

Bugs don’t bug me too much.
The vast majority of “bugs” are good…even necessary for life.
Apparently if all insects died, all living things would die within months.
If all people died, the earth would flourish and heal itself.

But…there are some real pesky ones out there for sure causing nuisance and health risks. I know first hand, my wife was hospitalized with Lyme meningitis and second degree heart block from a deer tick and is still affected 20 years later.

  • Tick and Mosquito control minimizes populations which minimizes risk. Our organic tick control products kill and repel ticks and mosquitoes without doing collateral damage chemicals do to the environment, people and their pets.
  • Poison Ivy is actually a real pretty vine! And birds love its berries. We recommend leaving poison ivy to grow in places where it wont reach into living areas where you walk, do yard work or where children and pets may wander. Otherwise…you’ve got to get rid of it. And that takes a trained eye and some patience to accomplish. Fortunately we have both!

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss a sustainable future for your lawn and plants? Contact us for organic pest control and poison ivy removal services.

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