Complete Organic Lawn
& Soil Care in Long Island NY

Organic Soil

Grass was never meant to live on Long Island…it doesn’t belong here!
……No wonder it has so many problems!

The fact is…most people love grass, and love it green and perfect and weed free. Unfortunately, most grass lives addicted to chemical treatments, chemical fertilizers and way too much irrigation. The danger this exposes the soil, children, pets and groundwater to is avoidable.

FACT: There are exceptional solutions and safe alternatives. This fact compels us to offer our customers the best in quality, safe and sustainable solutions for the green organic lawn they desire.

Weeds, like insects and disease, are opportunistic, thriving in adverse conditions. However, healthy grass in healthy soil can deal with insects, diseases, weeds and stress.

    Healthy soil can ONLY happen when we…

  • Know where a plant wants to live (soil type, moisture, light, climate)
  • Understand the soil the plant is living in (is it a healthy home? able to provide?)
  • Repair the soil (get the home healthy and providing)
  • Treat insects & diseases without killing beneficial insects or other biology
  • Avoid chemical synthetic fertilizers which kill soil life

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss a sustainable future for your lawn and plants? Contact us.

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& Soil Care in Long Island NY

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