Tree, Plant & Soil Care Services in Long Island NY

There’s more than one way to skin cat…(what a terrible metaphor!)
….and there is more than one philosophy on how to approach plant care.

For decades the focus of plant care was reactive, not proactive.
People saw bugs and called someone to kill them….kill them ALL!!

Cornell reports 99% of products sprayed in the U.S. miss their intended target!

Those days need to be over. These practices are still done, but don’t let them be done at your place for the safety of your family, your plants and the earth!

Healthy plants in healthy soil in the proper place can usually deal with insects, diseases and stress on their own (like healthy immune systems on people).

    Healthy soil can ONLY happen when we…

  • Know where a plant wants to live (soil type, moisture, light, climate)
  • Understand the soil the plant is living in (is it a healthy home? able to provide?)
  • Repair the soil (get the home healthy and providing)
  • Treat insects & diseases without killing beneficial insects or other biology
  • Avoid chemical synthetic fertilizers which kill soil life

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss a sustainable future for your lawn and plants? Contact us.

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