Pond Algae & Weed Control Services Long Island NY

My love for water began at 10 years old, on a Saturday I think… 
…at Stinson Brook, which flowed in front our family cabin in New Hampshire.

Pond management is no simple task, but we are really good at it.

We are among the few legally licensed aquatic weed control applicators on Long Island for decades.

We’re glad that the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation is so strict with the regulations concerning waterways.

  • LI estuaries, aquifers and waterways are among the finest…but have taken some heavy hits.
  • At one point the Great South Bay provided for half of the clams in the entire US and now it can barely provide for just us!
  • ALL the water we drink on Long Island comes right from under our feet!

So…we have to be careful of what, when and where we put things in our water…

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss a sustainable future for your lawn and plants? Contact us.

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