The Soil Food Web

Organic Soil Microbiology

There is a whole neighborhood of micro-critters in the earth beneath your lawn and in your flower beds. Each member plays an essential role in the SOIL FOOD WEB, a complex living system that helps the process of energy transfer.

Without neighbors like:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • nematodes
  • protozoa
  • arthropods

plants don’t stand a chance!

Traditional lawn and plant care practices have neglected the benefit of healthy soil and have relied on synthetic fertilizer and frequent broadcast applications of herbicides and insecticides. These practices render the soil lifeless and the landscape becomes dependent on chemical applications.

Our organic programs add vital organic matter to your soil and will enhance your soil’s micro-organism population, which is the life of your soil, making your lawn and landscape healthy, lush, and green all season long.

We don’t feed plants.
We feed the soil – which feeds the plants.

Inquire about our deep root feeding and compost tea programs.

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