Spring is Coming! Are You Prepared for Potential Plant Problems?

Plants are starting to wake up but so are the diseases and bugs that feed on them, not to mention ticks. Allow us to re-evaluate your needs with a free personalized inspection.

Potential plant & pest problems for 2017:
  • Ticks
    Our early spring treatment is essential to stop ticks before they lay eggs – each can lay 2,000-3,000. We can help identify tick-risky areas of your property by locating tick habitat or doing a “tick drag” and scheduling an organic treatment.
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  • Gypsy Moth Caterpillars
    2016 saw a large outbreak in the Northeast and research shows a continuing trend of population surge in ’17. Heavy rains knock back gypsy moth populations naturally, however NY has been experiencing drought-like conditions. Allow us to identify egg masses on vulnerable trees on your property and schedule an organic treatment.
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  • Drought Stress
    In early spring plants are tapping the soil for the energy they need to grow. Unfortunately, drought stress continues to be prevalent due to our changing climate. This leads to stunted growth and poor health, complicating pest and disease problems for several growing seasons. To fight drought stress in early spring, allow us to identify poor soil conditions and fertilize with our organic compost tea.
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If you have concerns about these plant problems or any others contact us today for a free personalized inspection with our NOFA-accredited Organic Land Care Professionals.
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