Spring Lawn Care – Beat the Weeds

Avoid using harmful chemicals to fight weeds in your lawn. Start your organic lawn program NOW to outcompete them naturally.

We are dedicated to cultivating beautiful, healthy lawns. We take an organic approach to making your lawn lush, green and safe for kids & pets. Your custom lawn program is based on the specific turf and soil found at your property. Initially, we test your soil so we can develop a plan based on its biology.

Get a free soil test when you sign up for our organic lawn program. Spring is fast approaching. Don’t allow weeds to germinate- promote healthy lawn growth now!

Contact us today about your organic lawn program.


Premium Organic Lawn Care

Unfortunately, most grass lives addicted to chemical treatments, chemical fertilizers and way too much irrigation. The danger this exposes the soil, children, pets and groundwater to is avoidable.

There are exceptional solutions and safe alternatives.
Complete Organic Lawn & Soil Care (more)


Renovate Now: Core-Aeration & Seeding

Patchy grass and bare spots invite weeds and are an indication of poor soil conditions. Moisture levels, compaction and exposure to harsh synthetic chemicals are some of the factors that contribute to lifeless soil.
Our organic lawn renovation program naturally restores life to the soil through core aeration and slice seeding…
Organic Lawn Renovation (more)

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