poor water retention

Sustainable Lawn Renovation

Organic Solutions for Renovation, Replacement & Restoration

Harsh chemical pesticides and fertilizers damage soil biology, water quality, and
rely on fossil fuels… Few landowners understand the extent of the damage done and their risks of exposure when using today’s conventional approach. The associated costs of fuel, maintenance, irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides to control these issues is expensive, a significant health risk, and is clearly not sustainable.

Now is the best time of year to renovate your lawn with grass varieties that are better adapted to hot, and humid or extreme dry weather.

Our organic¬†lawns resist pests and disease, endure extreme weather, have natural fertility, improve the environment, and reduce your costs to maintain them. Your beautiful, affordable lawn will be safe for your family, your pets, and your neighbors. We aim to restore nature’s balance by replenishing biology in the soil so treatments become less necessary over time… our long term-goal is for your lawn is to do nothing!

Have a look at your lawn, do you recognize any of these symptoms:

Poor Soil

poor soil

a sample-soil profile of a lawn that was browning out during a hot summer

This photo was taken after 1 hour of watering. Notice how dry the soil still is even after irrigation! Can you image their water bill! Ouch! Renovating this area with our compost and drought tough seed will help reduce irrigating and fertilizing costs next season.



Poor Water Retention

poor water retention

a renovated lawn enduring a heat wave

Notice the areas that are still nice and green after several weeks of no rain. Only the green areas were renovated with a sustainable approach which includes compost, seed, and regular treatments with a sustainable organic lawn health care program.


Custom-Designed Renovation and Treatment Programs for Your Property & Budget

  • Outstanding performance under low fertility and poor soil conditions
  • Improved resistance to lawn diseases & insects found on Long Island
  • Lower irrigation costs – needs far less watering (reductions of up to 50% or more possible)
  • Lower maintenance costs – mow less frequently
  • Persistent green (less tendency to brown out under high heat & drought conditions!)

How do I get started?
Make an appointment for an on-site consultation to review your property and take a soil sample.

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Signup for your customized 2015 program now for discounts up to 15%

Renovate Your Lawn and enjoy the benefits of sustain-ability!

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