Tick Season is Here. Protect Your Pets Organically.

Long Islanders reported an unusually high number of tick bites last year. Many pet owners noticed a marked increase in fleas and ticks on their cats and dogs. According to Cornell University, the rise was due to a long winter- snowfall insulates the overwintering ticks.


(Long winter… that sounds familiar- oh right it just snowed last week!)
Unfortunately, this season may be more of the same.


Deer ticks are always a concern since they pass along Lyme disease to pets and humans, however 2014 brought concern about another species: The Lone Star tick. Originating from the southern states, it’s population surged last year on Long Island- leaving some victims with an allergy to red meat.


Long Island veterinarians noticed the high amount of bites in 2014 and urged pet owners to “take the offensive” against ticks and fleas. However, the solution many of them offer is often toxic itself. Most flea-collars and dips use active ingredients that we wouldn’t dare to use based on the toxicology reports.
Please don’t “rescue” your pets with harmful chemicals, we have an organic solution for that!
Prepare to protect your pets this season, find out more about our organic tick & flea treatments.
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