Tick Tubes: Enlisting Field Mice in the Battle for Tick Control

Usher Plant Care’s Tick Control Program helps to protect your pets and family against ticks and tick-borne diseases. We employ both organic  Damminix tick tubes and cedar oil sprays for an effective and ecologically sound approach.

Damminix Tick Tubes are not a spray but rather an environmentally responsible treatment that effectively gets to the root of the problem without harming other life forms and vegetation. These cardboard tubes are biodegradable and do not need to be inspected, picked up, or discarded. They will eventually decompose harmlessly and disappear, but not before they have killed hundreds of Lyme disease carrying ticks.

Cedar oil is derived from the foliage of various types of conifers. It has many uses in medicine, art, industry, and perfumery, and has bactericidal and pesticidal effects.

Each tick can lay 2,000-3,000 eggs if left untreated. Now is the right time to prevent further tick infestation.

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Damminix Tick Tubes
Developed at a leading Lyme disease research laboratory at the Harvard School of Public Health, Damminix Tick Tubes are an effective and environmentally sound product designed specifically for the control of disease carrying ticks.
  • Tick Tubes are based on the scientific study of ecology of the deer tick and the field mouse, the respective vector and the reservoir of the disease.
  • Tick Tubes enlist the aid of the common field mouse by providing them with pesticide-treated nesting material, cotton balls, in biodegradable cardboard tubes which are placed out in brush and flower beds (not on lawns because mice do not make their burrows on lawns). The mice find the tubes and collect the cotton for their nests. The pesticide on the cotton gets on the fur of the mouse, and is brought into the burrow. The mouse is transformed into a very efficient tick killer.
  • Tests have proven that the risk of encountering infected ticks on treated property can be reduced up to 97% by the use of Damminix.
  • Tick Tubes need to be applied twice a year, in spring and in late summer (through September) for the highest effect on tick population.

Organic Cedar Oil Spray
Usher Plant Care provides a protective border cedar oil spray at your home – around all tick habitats like shrub beds, porches, brush piles, and kid & pet play areas.
  • Cedar is an essential oil
  • It is disorienting to insects and kills ticks. It disables their mental faculties and exhausts their physical bodies while dehydrating the exoskeleton.
  • Cedar oil will also knock back other non-beneficial insect populations likemosquitos, fleas, mites, chinch bugs, grubs, and beetles.
  • It has no effect on beneficial pollinator insects such as butterflies or bees. While it will not kill lizards, it will also help deter snakes.
  • Cedar oil even smells real nice, thanks nature!

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