Ticks on Grasses

Ticks are Trouble!

  • Lyme Diseas has INCREASED by 900% in the U.S. According to 2013 CDC reports
  • Ticks can hatch 2000-3000 EGGS EACH if they ar not killed BEFORE MARCH
  • Ticks are ACTIVE THROUGH NOVEMBER and during warm spells ALL WINTER
Tick life-cycle

Tick life-cycle

    What can I do?

  • Check yourself, your family, and your pets for ticks after spending time outdoors in above 40° weather.
  • Learn to identify ticks and tick habitats.
  • Deer, mice, and chipmunks are examples of carriers. Discourage their presence near your home by removing brush piles and other rodent habitats.

Deer Tick vs. Wood Tick

Tick habitats

In rural and suburban areas like Long Island, ticks thrive but who wants to spray harmful chemicals around family and pets? No worries, Usher Plant Care provides an organic tick management solution borrowed right from nature – cedar oil.

  • Cedar is an essential oil
  • It is disorienting to insects and ticks. It disables their mental faculties and exhausts their physical bodies while dehydrating the exoskeleton.
  • Will also knock other back non-beneficial insect populations like mosquitos, fleas, mites, chinch bugs, grubs, and beetles.
  • Has no effect on beneficial pollinator insects such as butterflies or bees. While it will not kill lizards, it will also help deter snakes.
  • Cedar oil even smells real nice, thanks nature!

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