Winter Deer Control

Don’t let your plants and trees become a snack this winter.
Deer population on Long Island is often a cause of concern. With 25,000 to 35,000 deer in such a confined geographic region, some struggle to find food and make their way into our suburbs. Here, they eat away and sometimes kill plants and trees. This behavior is becoming more common, especially with the coming of the cold.
Deer turn to woody stems or twigs (called browse) after the leaf fall. An example of the woody plants that deer eat are:

  • azalea
  • rhododendron
  • yews
  • wintercreeper euonymous
  • maples
  • dogwoods
  • blueberry
  • hemlock
  • honeysuckle
Usher Plant Care offers a season-long winter deer control program
which uses a strong taste-deterrent, the longest lasting deer repellent on the market today. Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, DeerPro does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. DeerPro provides six months of protection from deer. One spray as early as November will still be protecting shrubs into early spring.

typical deer damage

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