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So, here you are…well, thanks for dropping by…let’s not waste any of your time. We are a team of friendly people that deliver the absolute best care in protecting and enhancing the outdoor sanctuary you call “My yard”. We are arborists and landcare professionals, who commit ourselves to solve pest problems, manage plant dis-ease, and correct adverse environmental factors for trees, plants and lawns. We work with the most current scientific advancements in earth friendly cures. Our collaboration with cutting edge researchers and international leaders in the field allows and inspires us to be prepared to adapt to best practices. Our commitment to earth care doesn’t stop at using the “least harmful possible” products.

If we are not actually healing and improving the health of our fragile ecosystem while addressing your land care needs, then we are failing.
Here’s how we do this…

holly bushTree & Plant Care Full soil analysis and repair, along with the monitoring and organic treatment of your shrubs and trees to manage invasive insects, disease, and deer.

Family & Pet Safetyorganic lawn care service Long Island NY Tick, Mosquito, and Poison Ivy treatment to protect your pets and home without the use harmful chemical pesticides.

Lawn & Soil Careorganic soil testing Long Island New York Supporting balanced organic life in the soil is the best way support a healthy lawn. We analyze and amend accordingly to harbor sustainable conditions.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 11.54.15 AMPond Care Organic solutions for algae and invasive weed control with respect for the sustainable future of our drinking water.

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss a sustainable future for your lawn and plants? Contact us.

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